Friday, May 7, 2010

weekend timeeee

it's nice to have such a busy week that i actually appreciate the weekend :) i love being a working girl again!

this weekend i want to..

1. go rent Mad Men from the library to see what all the hype is about
2. go visit the townhouse and hopefully love it as much as the bestest does
3. play guitar! it feels like forever.. and i have to lead worship sunday..
4. pray for lots of people and things
5. learn how to be truly patient. my sister makes this very difficult.
6. get some things to decorate my cube at work (it's so boring right now)
7. record a little more music
8. enjoy the weather
9. remember to take my vitamins and eat well (two things i constantly forget to do)
10. go running! (the 10K is only a few weeks away!)

hope your weekend is shaping up to be wonderful as well.

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