Thursday, May 6, 2010

life turned busy.

i started my job this week, hence the lack of answering facebook or blogging. it's been crazy and i'm not going into all the details, but basically, today was the first day i did actual work. after three days of doing nothing. which some will tell you is fine because you're getting paid to do nothing, but it's BORING. and makes for a very slow eight and a half hours.

other than that, i like it now that's it's started to pick up. the people are great, and i work right down the road from coast guard yard so i see guys in uniform all day long :) it's a basic perk. really, i don't even care that much. haha but i really do enjoy the people in my office. they're super friendly and have all been making an effort to get to know me. tomorrow i'm going out to lunch with some of them, which will be fun.

last night was cinco de mayo, which i think i've only celebrated once like two years ago or something. but my bestest and i hadn't seen each other in a while so we decided to go out and catch up over some drinks and hang out. oh, what a night it turned into. we went to la palapa in old EC, and it was PACKED. they had a tent outside and everything, with two dj's and a band. all i'm gonna say is i planned to be home at 9 to shower and sleep for work the next day.. and i came home around 12 a.m. AND i woke up at 6. i call that a successful night.

update on moving out: we're aiming for next month! provided that my expenses don't increase all of a sudden and my paychecks allow me to save at least a little, bestest and i think we've found the perfect place for us :) more details on that later, but i'm going to check it out saturday (she's already seen/approved it) and i'm way excited.

other parts of life.. well, family is not the highlight and never has been, so skip that. church is really good, i met some new people last week and am definitely thinking of starting a bible study or something for women who don't have one like me. i'm waiting to get settled in a new living situation and get used to working more first, but it's been on my heart. worship is going well also, i'm leading alone this sunday, which i haven't done in a while so i'm looking forward to it. i'm excited for the nice weather and summer! i did start work at an awkward time because i won't have many vacation hours accrued until a few months. i can't take off for beach week with my family but really, i'd rather just go for the weekend anyway. there are a lot of friends i need to see.. old roommates and salisbury loves who are coming home soon!

that pretty much covers my life right now.. more later!

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