Saturday, May 1, 2010

not wasting it

today when i was running i was thinking of the things my heart has been struggling with lately.. a lot of craziness but i feel like i've finally seen and acknowledged what the Lord has provided me, and decided this:

i don't want to waste His grace and mercy on my selfishness and jealousy.

or any sin, for that matter.

i've also always thought this, even when it's been hard: i don't want to waste my singleness. i've had that thought for a long time. and in the midst of many friends getting engaged and married and pregnant and finding "the one," it's becoming more clear that the thing not to do is for me to sit around wishing i could be the same way. my time is coming. my faith is in the Lord to provide my heart's desires. and my confidence is in prayer. so really, what am i worried about?

oh, to be human.

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Nick and Kaley said...

I'm sure it's hard. I get caught up in being married, but living the single life. Not the best, but I should make the best of it!