Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"busy busy.. like a really tall.. bee?"

[that's a gilmore girls quote in case you didn't know.]

the second week of work is going very well. i'm finally getting into the swing of things with doing my actual work, and i love it! this week was also the birthday of one of the girls in my office who i've become good friends with already.. she's so sweet and we had fun giving her a cake and going out for a long lunch. one of our other coworkers had a baby last week so we went shopping online for a gift basket for him.. too fun. and the coast guard guys washed my car (for their fundraiser, but still..). everyone is just so nice and welcoming. it's such a blessing to be able to say i love my job because of the people AND the work i'm doing.

i got stressed out about money again today when i checked my bank account and it only had $33 left. i always transfer from my savings to my checking, but i'd rather not touch my savings at all. i cannot WAIT until i get my first paycheck.. i really need it. but until then, i'm not going to stress over it. i'm more than blessed to have the amount i do! i take it for granted way too often.

this week i've been missing my girls in england, and my best friend. and i've been in prayer for some seriously hard things that have been going on. but i've also been writing more music (soon to be recorded) and trying to look on the bright side of things despite a weird mood i'm in this week.

congrats to: jonTHAN & steph for finally getting engaged.. i love you two! and bryan and elise on becoming homeowners! yay! :)


Nick and Kaley said...

I remember in college- before real bills- being excited about having 33 dollars. I was like "I can go to Wendy's!"

Love or Nothing said...

haha i know right.. "YES! i have enough for fries AND a milkshake!" those were the days.