Sunday, May 16, 2010


i was journaling the other night and came across this verse in Job:

"the righteous see their ruin and rejoice.." - 22:19

i kind of stopped in my tracks and thought about that for a second. i don't think anyone takes on something difficult and automatically rejoices for the good that may come of it. but what if we did? it's something i'm going to work on.

going along with the topic of hardships, i found another verse that affirms how the Lord cares for us.. Job 23:10-

"but He knows the way that i take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold."

this made me think of "Desert Song" by brooke fraser, one of my favorite worship leaders (she's also in hillsong, for those of you who like them). ironically, i'm doing this song for worship at church tonight, and now i'm even more excited about it. the lyrics are: "i have a faith proved of more worth than gold, so refine me, Lord, through the flame." i can't even tell you how much God has shown me truth through this line and these types of verses. everything He's put me through has definitely "brought me to a place of abundance" as He says it will. pretty cool stuff.

one more thing i discovered this week, through bethany dillon's blog:

"He is completely able in the impossible. in the tragic. in the unknown. in the hopeless places and moments. in helpless feelings."

she is a woman of knowledge and heart. and i love every word she writes.

anyway. i just wanted to share that with you. and let me know how you like the new blog look.. i usually don't go for purple, but it grabbed my attention for some reason. and it's my best friend's favorite color, so it will probably put a smile on her face. :) it's been a pretty good weekend.. after all the thunderstorms last week, it's nice to have some sun! i finally got back on track and ran 5 miles yesterday morning, then spent the day tanning in the park with ash & laura. we grilled kabobs for dinner (BEST. IDEA. EVER.) and watched The Hangover. spending lots of time with them recently has been the best thing for me. i'm more grateful than ever that they were two of my college roommates.

hope your weekend was lovely!

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Melissa Joy said...

Fisch, this post really got me thinking! Thank you! It was definitely something I needed to hear!