Thursday, April 22, 2010

things i kind of love a lot

1. red velvet frozen yogurt. oh man. it is so good.
2. recordings of me and my college band loves. [i miss you guys.]
3. weekend roadtrips [one is about to happen..]
4. getting to be a kid again [play-doh and such.. haha]
5. when my dog gets groomed and looks good
6. being organized [as if you couldn't tell from the last two posts]
7. coffee. and tea. and anything on ice.
8. warm evenings. they are just the best.
9. this guy. his last album, "Of Men and Angels," is excellent.
10. summer concert prospects

love it all.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get red velvet frozen yogurt!?!? That sounds so good!!!

Love or Nothing said...

i got it from this new place on rt. 40 called Yogi Castle.. we should go together sometime! right by bethany lane