Tuesday, April 27, 2010

weekend update

i had a great roadtrip to philly this weekend. my friend sarah and i drove there to visit our friends ben and adam. not only did we have a great visit with them, we met a ton of their wonderful friends, had some amazing food & drink, and the city proved me wrong. i am always a city hater. i like visiting but i always say i would never move there, not in a million years. however, while i still feel like i need yards and trees and large bodies of water close to me 24/7, philly wore down my heart a little just from the people i met and the places we ventured to. we went to a beautiful park and had thai and middle eastern food, and the best brunch of my life (it included mimosas). we had beer and wine and gelato and coffee. we crashed a friend's birthday party and went to church and got loved on by ben and adam's friends. they are seriously great people to know. and spending an entire weekend with sarah, which i'm not sure i've ever done before, was great. i don't get to see her enough and we had blessed conversations and a good time with each other.

monday morning i woke up at sarah's house and i had about four texts wishing me luck on my first day of work! while i feel so loved by my friends, my start date got pushed back to this coming monday because of some technical issues at the office. God was totally looking out for me there because sarah and i got sick over the weekend. just a cold, but still, i wouldn't want to start a new job by passing sickness around the office. a surefire way for my coworkers to hate me right off the bat :)

so this week i'm just trying to recover with the help of some OJ, soup, and gilmore girls. i'm watching the Barca game tomorrow with one of my "sisters" and hopefully, if i'm feeling better, there will be a thursday adventure with my bestest and a movie night with ash and laura on friday. and i'm mentally preparing to go back to work in between. have a good one!

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