Thursday, April 22, 2010

can you develop OCD on a whim?

think i may have.

yesterday i cleaned out my desk drawers and organized my closet, and then visited the IKEA website. big mistake. i have now planned out my bedroom for when alicia and i move in together. and calculated it down to the last penny (at least for the basics). and i have made it my personal goal not to spend more than $1,200. which IKEA makes completely possible.

i. love. this. and i think i have a problem. :)


Stacie with an IE said...

bahahahaha. that's my bed frame.

Jess said...

haha that's my bed, too. well, the one i used to use before i got married - now it's my guest bed. got the nightstand, too. but the whole set's pretty rockin'. hope you like it too!

Steven. Mr L. Lammy. said...

i love everything about this and i vote YES!