Wednesday, April 21, 2010

oh so tired. but i can't sleep yet..

it's only tuesday (well, technically wednesday..), but i feel like i've lived a whole week already. i've been so busy with paperwork and emails and getting drug tested since accepting the job! which is something i should be excited about i guess.. but seriously. TOO MUCH PAPERWORK. it's more exhausting than it sounds.

i'm nervous for my first day but i know this job is the right choice for me so now it's just a matter of finding out what i'll actually be working on and getting to know my co-workers. i've never had a problem with either of those things before so i think it will be fine. tonight i was looking up the apartment complex my bestest and i are interested in, and i was sad to see that many of the reviews for it are negative. however, i have never been one to consider a stranger's opinion before setting my own eyes on the situation. so for now, i'm choosing to ignore the negativity and check it out for myself, because this place looks great online.

in other news.. i've been so busy from the past weekend 'til now that my room has become a wreck. i did my laundry but had no time to put it away. my notebooks were thrown all over my floor. my bags from this weekend were in the middle of the room with half my stuff still in them. post-it notes covered my desk. i was at my friend's house today and literally said i had to leave because i couldn't stop thinking about cleaning it. so i came home and tackled the insanity.. it's rarely this bad. i'm a neat person; the problem is that i've been living in the same room since i was five (minus four years of college), so space is an issue because i have lots of stuff since growing up, mainly clothes and such. it felt relieving to organize my t-shirts in my hanging closet shelves.. is that pathetic? probably.

a great piece of news is that one of my best friends who i haven't talked to in way too long called me tonight to catch up.. we talked for 2 hours and 15 minutes :) i miss him so much and i can't wait to see him hopefully soon. (which means months later, haha)

the bottom line is: between printing/scanning/emailing/signing documents and babysitting/driving all over town/cleaning my room, i'm one exhausted chick. goodnight.

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Nick and Kaley said...

Don't trust those review sites. Nick and I looked up reviews for our old complex- which we loved, and they were sooo bad! What I mean to say is take it with a grain of salt. Those people posting are the angry ones.