Thursday, March 18, 2010


thank God it's spring! the sun is shining, i wore a skirt today, and my nails are happy yellow. thrilled to be here.

last night i babysat for my favorite family and i'm getting really excited for their new baby to get here! she'll be here next week and we're all looking forward to me helping them out a lot.. even though it will surely be a challenge. a newborn, a toddler, and a 5 year old.. good luck to me. :) after babysitting i went over to the best friend's, and didn't come home 'til 3 am. her life has become so busy, we have to make every hour count!

today i had lunch with an old college friend who it was great to catch up with.. this girl has such a wonderful spirit about her and always has a smile ready. it instantly cheers me up. we had so much fun reflecting on college times and updating each other on our lives.

can i just say how much i love driving with the windows down? i really do. with the music super loud and obnoxious so you can hear me coming from 5 miles away. (yeah.. i'm that girl.) so i came home from lunch and redid my spray paint project because the pattern part of it didn't go as planned.. still working on it. my sister and i went for a walk with my Polaroid and took a very cute picture together.. unfortunately, my digital is now out of commission so i'll have to borrow hers sometime for uploads.

tonight i'm taking my mom to dinner for her birthday at PF Chang's.. so excited since i haven't been there in years (i mean really, when will i ever be able to afford eating there on a regular basis?). so we'll have a nice dinner and i have some surprises for her. she really is a great mom, she does everything for me.

now get off the computer and go outside!

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