Wednesday, March 17, 2010

creative morning

it's only 12:30 and i've been so productive today! kind of proud of that. i got up, checked the email, made a blueberry-banana smoothie, made a list, and headed to target. i had to get my mom's birthday present and some random things.. including new nail polish colors since i only have 4.. and three of those are one clear and two pinks. not that ideal for growing out your nails. i also got a thing of hand sanitizer with a pump to put on my desk, because seriously, if i get sick again.. there may be a breakdown in my future. i bought really cute pushpins in bright colors today too, for the project i'm doing! which leads to part 2 of the productivity..

you guys know i take a ton of polaroids, and right now they're just sitting in an old jewelry box labeled "polaroids" because i have nowhere to put them. last night i found one of my old bulletin boards from when i was like five; it was painted a weird pale pink and looked fairly abused from all the stuff my sister and i tacked to it over the years. i got to thinking.. what better place to pin the polaroids than a nice inspiration board on the wall? and what better thing than this old, unused bulletin board?

so i searched my house and found an old can of spray paint.. i would have bought a new one in a nice, bright color, but hello.. i'm jobless. so to save money, i used the silver. it's not that bad since gray is fairly neutral.. it's metallic, but i think it just adds a little something to it anyway. if it looked tacky i couldn't handle that being on my wall. so i threw on my old cutoffs (thank god it's warm today) and spray painted that sucker. now it's on my porch drying.. i can't wait
for phase 2! i have some black paint and some old doilies from the craft store that i want to use to paint patterns on the board. i have a feeling it's going to turn out oh-so-pretty. and then i will post a picture for you. :)

it's been a while since i did an inspirational craft project. i miss it. if i had money, i'd be doing something artsy every other day. for now, i guess i just have to stick to music 24/7 and occasional knitting. which is fine with me. as jarrod from Eagle vs. Shark says, "i've got to
keep creating or i'll just die." (great indie movie, go watch it.)
enjoy the sunshine today!

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