Saturday, March 20, 2010

happy first day of spring!/i hate spending money..

what a title. haha but it's true.. i'm very excited that it's the first day of spring and we can officially say goodbye to horrible weather and snowstorms and not getting out of the house for a week. and it's free Rita's day! who doesn't love Rita's?

because i'm getting free Rita's, it makes me a little more accepting of the fact that i had to spend a chunk of change today to get new running shoes. i went running the other day and it was so good except my left knee is now in pain and i think it has something to do with having the same Nikes since high school. time for an upgrade i think. but running shoes are expensive!! i had no idea since i haven't bought any for like seven years. and my mom probably paid for them back then. anyway, this is what i ordered.. they're cute and now i can run without screwing my body over. because it hates me right now (thank you, Ibuprofin and ice packs).
aren't they pretty? even though it's costing me too much i think it will be worth it in the end. i've been on a pretty big health kick for months now.. exercise isn't my favorite thing but i try to eat healthy and have cut lots of bad things out of my diet (ever since i found out how many calories are in ONE pop tart, not even the package of two, i can't even look at them). now with new shoes, i'll be even more inspired to run!

today is a definitely a good day to be outside, soaking up what the Lord has made and what He wants me to hear. so i'll be outside with my journal, bible and guitar probably until the sun sets. enjoy the first day of spring!

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