Friday, March 26, 2010

it's the little things

something on my mind this morning.. blessings really do come in all shapes and sizes. one of my friends described me like this: "you find joy in the little things." i'd say that's true. but i'm also quick to find pain and relish in it. and that's not so good. even in the never-ending hardships, i still notice the small things that make life worth living. like last night, i went to salisbury because my pastor was speaking at Cru. i always have a good time visiting and being back in a place that changed my life, but i was pleasantly surprised to see certain people that i hadn't planned on being there. i had good conversations with them and realized that i MISS those hearts. two of my good friends and i talked about life for a while and it was so nice knowing that they legitimately care about me, and don't hesitate to show me that. i need that in my life. just the way they expressed their concern for me reminds me that i'm more than lucky to have them.

i'm learning a lot about my friendships these days. it's been a weird cycle the past couple of months.. people that i'm close to have been disappearing left and right. it's for good reasons, but they aren't around and for a while, i had trouble knowing what to do with that. luckily, i found out how to embrace it. i've been reconnecting with old friends and trying to see people that live near me more often. tonight i'm having two of my old roommates over for a girl's night while i have the house to myself and i'm SO excited to catch up with them and eat frozen pizza and watch movies. i feel like i really limited myself down to a few core people and my life and kind of neglected the rest of them-- not on purpose or anything, but it just happened. i really don't want that to happen again. my mom has always said my friends are my biggest and most important blessing because she knows how much i love them, and that they have become my family. so i'm trying not to let people go so easily.

it's rainy today but try to enjoy it by listening to this wonderfulness: leda and the swans. nice and calming.

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