Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy saturday :)

this has been a pretty good weekend.. i saw my college loves on thursday night and caught up with them, which was so nice. last night two of my old roommates came over and hung out with me; i love those girls. we watched "Precious,"and i have to say that movie honestly changed my perspective on life. its pretty intense, but i recommend it because it's truth for a lot of people in this world. i hate when people watch something like that and say, "it's just a movie." no, it's not. it's reality for women all over this world that are getting abused and raped and having children when they're fifteen. after watching that film, i feel like i have absolutely no right to complain about my life ever again. seriously. go rent it.

today i got up and broke in my new Nike's by running three miles! for those of you who know me, that isn't something that comes easily. but it was awesome! i love my new shoes, they rock. and i love feeling healthy.

in a little while i'm getting together with a few guys from my band at church and we're going to have practice in the park.. i love that we can do that! the sun is out and it could be a tad warmer, but it's still so nice. just the thought of sitting in the park singing and playing guitar makes my heart very happy.

later today i'm doing laundry, watching "Up in the Air", and awaiting the return of my best friend, who went home to PA for the weekend and i miss her! come back to me, bf. :)

go listen to the bird and the bee.. it's happy music!

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