Saturday, March 13, 2010

baby fever!

why is it that when i go to bed super late, i always wake up early? normally i don't mind because i prefer to get up earlier rather than later and start the day, but i'm still not feeling well and i know i need sleep. (my bedtime was 4 am last night.. but so worth it because i was catching up with my best friend!) i think i'm having immune system issues or something. back in the day i never got sick more than once or twice a year. but i was deathly ill three months ago over christmas with my first sinus infection, and now i feel like i'm catching something again. i realize that right now a lot of people are sick.. but still. it would be lovely to go another six months without a bug. so on this rainy and very windy saturday i'm sticking to tea and vitamin c. and doing laundry. and hoping i feel well enough to go out tonight and see my friends that i have missed for months. sickness always comes at the worst possible time.

anyway. i want to write a public CONGRATS! to my two good friends drew & drea.. they just had their first baby girl last night and i can't wait to meet her! jolie kate is going to have the most beautiful heart because she's being raised by those two. and there's a 99% chance she'll be musically inclined, so i'm excited for drew (an incredible pianist) and drea (guitar, piano and vocals) to pass those genes on to their daughter! she's going to be an amazing little girl you guys.. congratulations again! i want to visit soon!

hearing that news makes me super excited for my worship pastor's family to have their new baby girl as well! in a couple of weeks, miss "secret name to be announced" will join their 5 year old son and adopted baby girl from korea, both of whom are wonderful kids that i love to babysit. i can't remember the last time i was up close and personal with a newborn.. i think the youngest might have been 3 months when i used to nanny. so to think that i am going to see this little bundle of joy and get to serve their great family through this hectic time is such a blessing to me. it's one of the reasons i'm glad i'm not working right now-- serving people who need the help may not be the greatest source of income, but it feels much better than sitting at a desk all day!

it's a good thing i'm not married right now.. i've got baby fever for sure. :)

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