Saturday, January 9, 2010

coffee's brewing, the sun is up..

it's the makings of a good day. i'm not sure what i'm up to.. either hanging out with my "sister" in annapolis baking cupcakes and fun things, or staying in playing guitar and working out in my basement. either way is fine with me. :)

a couple friends and i saw Invictus last night and it was a really great movie. well made, morgan freeman is awesome of course, it's in South Africa and it has RUGBY! who doesn't love some good old fashioned rugby. my roommate was a rugby player for a couple of semesters when we were in school and i have to say, it's the most confusing game in the world, but pretty entertaining nonetheless.

alicia and i are getting really excited for our cruise.. 16 days! the only problem is that i know it's going to make me want to travel a lot more. when i think about it, i've been incredibly blessed to have visited the places i've been.. for a 23 year old. some people never even get to leave the US. along with saving for rent to move out this summer, i'm also going to start saving for another trip somewhere.

musical updates for your enjoyment.. check these out:


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