Tuesday, January 12, 2010

it's the week of friends!!

which always makes me the happiest. sunday i hung out with some much missed friends after church.. i hate when people live so close, yet life limits how often you get to see each other! yesterday i spent the day in annapolis seeing my "sister" jude.. we got coffee & sushi and watched Year One. today i had a LOST marathon with my lovelies erin & steph. tomorrow i will be catching up with a friend at starbucks and babysitting in the evening. thursday, hopefully, i will be seeing some long-lost college loves that i've been missing terribly. and then it's the weekend! and who knows what's going to happen. but i'm sure it will be good. :)

i'm still working on recovering my music list from my crashed hard drive.. it's all lost but i'm hoping i can get most of it back through friends and such. so if you know me and you know what i like.. pass it on. :) some advice as usual.. listen to these: jeremy larson, besides daniel, st. vincent, and feist (an old favorite of mine). listen away friends!!


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