Thursday, January 7, 2010

the jobless life..

so not all it's cracked up to be. what do i do all day? when i'm not seeing friends, i'm being endlessly lazy. i can't even try to deny it.

i've applied many places so we'll see what happens. i can't wait to start working again. most of my close friends will laugh if they read this, because every job they've seen me have has been accompanied by my complaints and wanting to quit. except my last one. i just want to do something that doesn't make me hate getting up for work in the morning. and preferably something without a strict dress code. and somewhere that allows me to pay my bills and save money at the same time. [dare to dream.]

i've become re-obsessed with my love for electronica lately. owl city, of course, is one of the most popular on the list, as is hellogoodbye. but my love for this musical wonder started back in the day when i discovered this guy named alex goot who did some electronic covers. it was love. one of my other faves is playradioplay. he's since changed his name but he does some good work (listen to compliment each other like colors). creating electronic music is a lot harder than you would think. i've got a ton of respect for it.

anyway. it's late. i'm tired. it's snowing. i have a lot of plans tomorrow. i'm seeing Invictus finally!!



DiverDork said...

I love PlayRadioPlay!

sox said...

you know, up until this snow blizzard englands been overeacting about, all i've wanted to do is just quit education and bum around in my parents house forever, but the past week of doing nothing has made me want to be constantly busy so i cant imagine being unemployed, i do hope your dream job pops up soon though, good luck!