Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rainy days..

I was emailing with a friend yesterday and we both agreed that rainy days are only at their best when you can stay home, drink coffee or tea, and read books/watch movies/knit. Being at work watching it fall outside/having to go out and walk around in it? Not so much.

Anyway. This week is going fairly well, I've been busy at work and have had important meetings to deal with. Kind of intimidating, but overall everything has been good. I've been very tired but it's a good kind of exhausted, you know? Not from staying up late so much, but from doing everything. Last night I had a date with my best friend, which we like to do once in a while besides our normal hanging out. We went to Red Lobster and got tons of amazing food (coconut shrimp, salmon, mashed potatoes, the cheddar biscuits!!) and we went to a party store afterward to check out Halloween ideas. Besides being starving and getting to eat, the catching up with each other was nice since our busy lives prevented us from talking for a while. :) I love my best friend.

I am very very very excited for this weekend. I can't wait to post on it when it's over and hopefully include some pictures! I also need to showcase some of the polaroids I've taken so maybe I'll get to that. For now, have a great rainy day (but pray that it stops please). :)

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