Sunday, October 25, 2009

friends, fall & polaroids.

basically describes the weekend. i had a really good visit with my college kids. and the other graduates.. when you get free things from the homecoming game simply for being an alumni, i'm there. i got two free t-shirts :) i took some fun polaroids (one of an amazing tree) and just hung out all weekend.

i can't lie, i'm not looking forward to the work week. really, the only thing that makes me want to get up for work right now is the fact that i have new clothes to wear. and that thought alone makes me feel really shallow. i want it to be friday for many reasons:

1. i get paid. and after buying the mac and paying bills, i'm straight broke all over again. i can't win this game.
2. dance partyyyy.
3. halloween festivities (pumpkins, cider, girl's night, etc.)


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