Friday, October 30, 2009

i try i fail

originally i had a post up here showcasing my incredible ability to become a completely different person in one night due to a senior volleyball game.. if you read that, ignore it. while it's all true, i decided i don't need the world thinking of me that way :) (and if you just read this and got intrigued, i can give you details if you want.)

anyway. it is COLD this morning! i am not a happy camper walking around DC in the cold. i was so ready to get my coffee this morning. that's the one good thing about being one of the first people in the office, you can start the coffee. and then you know it's fresh because you made it, it's done exactly the way you like it, and people appreciate you having it ready when they get in.

it's friday. this means i want to do no work. however, i have a lot of work to finish from being lazy this whole week. so in my attempt to finish the day as quickly as possible, i will be thinking about these things:

1. cupcakes i bought for my sister at home in my fridge, waiting to be eaten
2. friends all weekend long
3. dance party & drinks tonight!!
4. halloween fun! complete with cider, pumpkins, and lots of food
5. how grateful i am to even have a job in the first place
6. praise the Lord i'm not sick
7. knitting projects
8. texts and calls
9. taking my puppy to get her rabies shot which is way overdue
10. i just got paid :)

happy friday! halloween update after the weekend of course.

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