Thursday, September 3, 2009

a new season.. of weather & life

hey guys,
so after two hours of slaving away at my (slow) computer, the blog is refinished. after all that, i hope you like it. haha 'cause it's not going anywhere for a good long while.

one thing i'm missing right now: Cru at my alma mater SalisburyU.. i haven't missed a day of it since i started going four years ago. half my band/friends are still there, so part of my heart is there also. i love them a lot. 

a lot of you know that bethany dillon is one of my musical inspirations.. when i first started playing guitar, her songs were some of the first i learned. i just fell in love with her writing. anyway, her new album comes out sept. 8 but i previewed it today and this one song on it captured me. here are the lyrics:

Deliver me from my prideful mind
It weighs heavier on me all the time
What a silent, yet, such a deadly crime
To think that I own my own life

So humble me just like You did
The king who lost his mind in the wilderness
And don’t let me go back
Until I confess
You are the only God

Deliver me from my hateful thoughts
I’m committing murder in the presence of God
Break my heart just like David’s was
With a weeping, pregnant widow in my house

How can I despise my brother
When I killed Your only begotten Son?
Help me prefer another and say
You are the only God

This morning my alarm went off
Earlier than I’d ever want
And in this small obedience, Lord
Help my heart stay bowed down

Father, You’ve given Jesus
All those He will raise up
And all eyes, including mine, will see
You are the only God

this is why i love beth. her words are always honest, truthful and taken from scripture. so good. go listen to the rest of her music if you haven't heard her before.

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