Monday, August 31, 2009


what a good month. seriously. it's not too cold yet, but you get to start wearing scarves and boots. and you can still go to the beach! i'm looking forward to knitting some new items and drinking pumpkin spice lattes most.

ok i know i've been MIA. work update: it's all good, i still love it. it can be frustrating and all over the place at times (okay, a lot of the time) but it makes the day go by faster and eventually everything gets figured out. the people are lovely. life update: i'm no longer broke! hallelujah! i don't have a lot but it's something, and i'm grateful for it. also, making plans for the future is very nice. i don't tend to count on them often because God changes His mind about what i should do frequently, but i have a feeling this is where He wants me in terms of the new church, moving out of my house and doing fun things. :)

life has been oh so busy. my weekdays are full of driving, metro and work and the weekends are packed with friends and good times. but i wouldn't have it any other way.. i hate sitting at home not doing anything unless i truly need time away from the chaos. it's good.

i was thinking and journaling a lot tonight, and here's something i was considering: 
even while life is good, people still disappoint me. but i've learned that it's important not to let that distract you from your happiness. it's sad times when old friends don't treat you like they should or you get frustrated about what a relationship has turned into. but those aren't feelings worth focusing on. they're wasted emotions that can be put to better use. so i'm going to use mine to laugh more and love more.. and trust that things are as they should be.

i felt a lot better after figuring that one out. haha sometimes the most obvious things just take a while.

until next time..

ps. new music this autumn... bethany dillon (my first inspiration) sept. 8 and phil wickham nov. 17! plus imogen heap's new one just came out this past week. :)

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Melissa Joy said...

What you were saying about being disappointed in people is something that I have been going through a lot lately. One thing I keep telling myself is that there is a season for everything (Ecc 3:1). We can't always comprehend what is going on and why things like that happen but you know...God def has a plan!!!