Friday, September 4, 2009

this is the good life.

you know i love lists. here's one of the things that are making me very happy right now.

1. this weekend. tonight i'm having a movie night with the girls, tomorrow is Counting Crows/Augustana with a friend i haven't seen in a while, sunday to monday is beach and salisbury! i cannot wait to see my friends that i'm so far from right now.
2. i just bought a new bible like five minutes ago :) so excited. i need a smaller one to take on the metro and to work with me; mine's too bulky. so i found this one that is beautiful and the site i bought it from is great. i couldn't find the cranberry color anywhere else (even Amazon) and they engraved it for just $5.
3. listening to bethany dillon's album for free before buying it. even though i am a long-time fan of hers and would probably buy it anyway, i like to know what i'm getting. and she's just as good as ever. i keep listening over and over again. you can buy her album, Stop and Listen, sept. 8.
4. autumn weather! i get up early and it's gotten a little chilly but the sunrise is beautiful to look at. then the evenings get cool after hot days and i get to open the windows in my house and let the breeze blow in. heavenly.
5. hummus. most people think it's disgusting, including my family. but the kind i buy tastes so good.
6. leading worship. my church is having "auditions" (not really as intimidating as it sounds, but what else do you call them?) in a couple weeks. and while i know how to lead worship and it's not a daunting thing for me, i'm excited to sing and worship with some people i need to get to know better. plus being in a band again is the best. i can't wait.
7. paychecks. i hate money. like a lot. but i hate worrying about money more. so it's good to have a stable job and get paid every couple of weeks, even if it's not a lot. the cause i'm working for is worth it, anyway.
8. knitting. i'm working on finishing a scarf for winter but i'm desperate to start a new one. and i'd like to be able to knit a hat without help. not as easy as it sounds. :)
9. making plans. my best friend and i are in the midst of planning our future living situation as well as a vacation. something to look forward to on dark days.
10. um, the Lord of course. i feel like i can never say enough about how good He is. and it's been occurring to me more and more about how much we can do for the people around us. even in small amounts, it's something. like i was at the grocery store today and there were little coupons at the checkout to donate whatever amount of money to help feed the hungry in my community. i was standing there thinking about it and i was like, why am i debating this? it should be a no-brainer, every time. i'm determined to keep it on my heart because there was never much i could do before when i was completely broke with nothing to give. but i am getting paid now, and while i have bills, instead of spending money on coffee or extra food or clothes i don't need, it will go toward something to change a life. isn't that so much better? i think so.

have a good weekend :)

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