Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm skipping work on this beautiful morning to tell you that 1) my roommate is home & 2) I love the thought of never going back to work. The Lord needs to help my laziness. :)

Anyway. I was reading in Romans this morning about being co-heirs with Christ and the Spirit helping us in our weaknesses (chapter 8). All the stuff about how sometimes we might not even know what to pray for, but God still knows what we need. Kind of amazing how He does that, huh? My weakness right now is centered around not wanting to work and not wanting to settle for this really boring, sort of meaningless job that I have. I hate having a job where I have to watch the clock every second hoping 5 pm rolls around quicker. At the same time, I am blessed to have a job in the first place and be able to make some money (ugh, money. hate it.) Obviously, this job is just for the time being since it is definitely not a career and it's just holding me over so I can pay my bills while praying for something better. My weakness is that I can never be satisfied with jobs like this (and I don't think I should have to either) and I always want to quit. So I'm praying for strength just to hold on for a while longer.

I got a beautiful letter in the mail yesterday from one of my friends, Melissa Joy. And I know she is going to read this so I just want to say-- Melissa, thank you for writing that and uplifting my spirits. You are such a major encouragement to me and I love that you took the time to send me the letter and write such loving things! It's like you're still here with me. :) I miss seeing you and hearing about your life, but I know that God is moving and doing great things! You are awesome, girl... such a blessed friend. <3

Hopefully it's sunny where all of you are... enjoy it today! It's His glory.

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