Sunday, March 22, 2009

12:24 am list.

- I really want my roommate to come home... I can't believe I haven't seen her in a week.
- Starting back up at the gym tomorrow... and only eating things that are good for me.
- Not looking forward to work, but trying to make the best of it.
- I want to buy another fish after my friend takes Sunny back.
- Apartment hunting... the search continues...
- My bed is really, really comfortable.
- I think I've gone too long without people around here.
- I have a new bag and a new spring coat (yay for generous family members). :)
- I think that giving up ice cream is going to be extremely hard for me.
- Money is something I hate a lot... yet I find myself wanting more of it just so I can pay my bills on my own without help.
- I got my hair slightly cut today.
- Band practice this morning was so good!
- I feel like I pretty much spend my life in my car these days. I'm tired of it.
- When is warm weather going to get here??
- I can't wait to hear what happened at Big Break.
- There are people that are still very much in my life... but I still miss them.
- I just remembered that I have a scarf that is half-knit. I should finish that.
- I miss taking care of a sweet little baby as a job.
- I want to stop taking what God has given me for granted.

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