Thursday, March 19, 2009


John 16:22- "Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."

I'm not really in a time of grief per se, but work has been very tedious this week and it's worn me down. This morning I read this verse and I started thinking about it again... no person and no thing can take away the joy I get from having Jesus Christ in my life. That is so awesome to me-- that He alone has that power and can have that power over other people as well (even ones that don't know it yet). And here's an example of how great and faithful He is: I was at Uno's for dinner with a roommate tonight and I got a text from one of my best friends who is in FL for spring break. A group of college kids are gathered there to hang out and worship and spread the gospel on the beach. Anyway, he texted me to say that God used him to lead someone to Christ today! Not only is that amazing in itself, it's a testament to how God answers prayers. Last night I was thinking about how God uses people in ways that they might not even realize-- like something they say or do might come back to hit people over the head later and win them to the Lord. But the person that started it might not ever get to see that happen. So I prayed that God would let at least one of my friends witness that miracle for themselves and hallelujah, one did! I'm so excited about all of it.

I'm going home this weekend for round two of band practice for our upcoming retreat and we have a ton of work to do (and I can't remember half the lyrics I'm supposed to sing) but it will be awesome because my band rocks. And I will get to see my family for my mom's birthday which was today, and sort of celebrate my dad's which is later this month but I won't be home. Overall, it will be nice to have some chill time with them and maybe do some shopping. I haven't been to my mall at home in forever but I know for a fact I'll be having dinner at a restaurant there with my mom-- maybe new clothes will just appear in my hands. :)

Anyway. Back to the verse... I'm just really excited that as long as I stay focused on the Lord, no one can take away my joy. I've been focusing on my blessings lately and I hope I can keep all that in mind. God is good!

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Annie Peterson said...

Yay for JOY! you are definitely not the only one needing some more revelation of how much joy the Lord has for us to live in! Joy is so freeing... :)

And YAY! for the person getting saved and your friend getting encouraged! YAY!!