Monday, December 8, 2008

phil wickham.

I am devoting a post solely to this man because after seeing him on Saturday night I became enamored. I went to his website and downloaded his live album for free, and you should take advantage of that also. Trust me, you will love it if you love passionate worship music. The way Phil writes and leads worship is an incredible gift from the Lord. When I listen to his lyrics I just know that he is receiving them from God and relying on Him for his music... and that's exactly how I want to be. So do yourself a favor and download "Singalong" from his website.

Also, when we were at the show my good friend Alan looked back at the merch table and said, "Sarah! That's your shirt!" Indeed, this is something I love. But I couldn't spend the money at that time... one day.

Enjoy the music!


Melissa Joy said...

Amen sister!!! I love Phil Wickham before but seeing him in concert I think I love him more.

I didn't know about the"singalong" thing on his website. I will def check that out! I thought the same thing about that shirt. I had to have it...reason why I got it! One day you will get that shirt

Randi said...

dear sarah, I love you for posting this fabulous info. Although I would love you anyhow.