Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I hate being sick. I hate feeling gross and sounding gross and not being able to sing (tomorrow was going to be an awesome night of worship but now I can't take part in leading it). However, I find that whenever I end up sick God puts things in perspective. I always think back to times when I was healthy and just had a bad day or failed to live as His example. Then I always think, "At least I wasn't sick then. I shouldn't have taken my health for granted." I am a selfish, selfish girl.

You guys know how happy I am to leave awful October behind, but so far November isn't doing much better. My car wouldn't start again yesterday (this is seriously like the fifth time this has happened) and now the battery won't hold a charge so I have to take it to the shop today. As well as go to class, plan band practice and hit up Uno's for the Cru fundraiser-- all while feeling disgusting. Ugh.

I try to look forward to every day but sometimes it's just hard, you know?

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