Saturday, November 8, 2008

rain on the roof.

10:45 on a Saturday morning and there is a torrential downpour going on. I kind of love it-- except I hope it stops by the time I have to drive to work later. Rain is welcome weather today because that means all of our "Harvest Day" events for Cru will be at my house instead of outside on campus. I've quickly learned that I love having people over our house. My worst fear was that moving off campus would make me lose touch with my friends because when I lived on campus I never ventured off. But people have gladly come to our parties and hangout nights-- thank you, friends.

I am feeling better (by the grace of God). This week has been rough on me. My attitude has sucked and I'll be the first one to admit it. Being sick is the worst feeling in the world to me because I can't concentrate on anything else. I didn't get any schoolwork done, I barely went to class, and I laid around my house or slept in my bed feeling like I was dying and unable to breathe. Praise Jesus that I was able to go to work yesterday because I had to spend $100 on a new battery for my car (yes, I am fully aware I got ripped off but that's what I resort to when I have no time to fix things myself) and now I am literally down to $60. That's the bad side to working at Pier 1: you get paid every two weeks when what I need is weekly income to live. But it's all good. I'm not down to $0 yet.

Speaking of work, it's going well. My co-workers are great people and I get along with them really well. There's pressure to do things a certain way and make sales as with any major corporation but it's a lot less pressure than B&N and it frees up my time immensely. I work weekends so the majority of my week is devoted to schoolwork and socializing (my favorite thing). Plus I get to be around pretty things all day and I get 25% off-- which in actuality kind of sucks since I can't spend money right now. But it will definitely come in handy for Christmas/birthday gifts.

If you are a college kid like me who is looking for options after you graduate, I would definitely recommend putting your resume online. Ever since I polished mine up and did that I've been getting emails and even phone calls with job offers. Even if there's a lot of them you don't even want to consider, it's nice to have the option and I'm hoping something right will come along. Just a little side note.

Anyway, enjoy this Saturday (rainy or not) and have a relaxing rest of the weekend.

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Melissa Joy said...

I know what you mean about the rain on the roof of that house. I mean it is so soothing! The wind against the house was one thing I didn't enjoy. It wasn't soothing at all!