Monday, November 17, 2008

oh, the quirkiness of me...

Drea tagged me and I have to say, it's been really funny reading about everyone else's quirks. I probably have wayyyy too many to list but here goes:

1. I hate eating sandwiches when I don't have chips to go with them.
Which reminds me, I need to go to the store. But seriously, I really dislike eating a sandwich without chips or something of that nature on the side. They just make everything taste better.
2. I usually shower in five minutes.
I've always showered really fast and I don't know why. If it's the dead of winter and I'm extremely cold then I take a little bit longer. People seem to be amazed that I don't shower in a normal amount of time.
3. I don't like sharing drinks or food with people.
This is strictly because of how my mom raised me. She never let me drink after anyone and I'm not a germaphobe but I really don't like the idea of trading germs willingly with people. I think it's just a way to get sick faster-- and I hate being sick.
4. I don't like it when people are talking and I'm trying to concentrate on something.
This is usually when I'm trying to sort out my thoughts while blogging but it's also whenever I'm thinking and people just start speaking and it distracts me. They don't even have to be talking to me, I just hear voices and then I can't concentrate anymore.
5. I'm unnaturally happy when I wake up in the morning.
If you were to wake me up at 3 a.m., I would smile at you and be really happy. I don't know why; I enjoy sleep and I don't like to wake up when I'm tired like any normal person. But if you wake me up I will never ever be mad.
6. I love eating burnt items of food.
My friends insist that this will give me cancer. Guess what-- so will a lot of things (or so they say these days). I love burnt toast & burnt popcorn. Maybe I just hate wasting food also. But I like the crispiness.
7. I have to sleep in the same positions every night.
I start flat on my back when I go to bed. This is usually when I'm thinking and praying. When I'm actually falling asleep, I have to roll over on my side. I then switch sides back and forth until I pass out completely-- then who knows what I do.

There you have it, my quirkiness. Maybe it's not so quirky, but I'd love to hear some more, it's so entertaining! I tag Alicia Lee, Stacieand Steven.

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