Tuesday, November 11, 2008

what a day.

I worked really hard today. As a literature major, other people have a busy week of midterms and papers all at once and my time seems to come about three weeks later. That's this week. I have a test tomorrow and two papers due Friday. Last night I was completely lazy hanging out until three a.m. and not doing my work. So I got up extremely tired this morning and went to my photography class for a while before heading downstairs to the computer lab. And there I stayed for three hours finishing everything. I wrote my paper, did my research, and wrote my other paper. Then I proceeded to leave my USB drive in the computer-- but IT has it (praise God, I've never used that thing more than I have this semester). After that I headed to meet with my wonderful friend Joel for band practice. Thursday is going to be awesome-- we have a guy coming to speak about missions, which doesn't happen often for Cru. I'm excited. :) Overall, I'm just thrilled to have my work done. What a good feeling.

Another thing I'm excited for this week is the women's retreat on Friday and Saturday. I missed last year's and I was upset because I thought it was going to be my last one. Surprise, surprise: here I am. My beloved Drea is speaking and I cannot wait to see her and hear her words of wisdom. She has always been an incredible woman of God in my life and I know what God gives her to speak about will be worth hearing. It's also one of the first times that women's retreat hasn't been two hours away-- we're going to Jenn's hometown about an hour away. That will be a nice change. Plus these retreats are such a good time for bonding with girls outside of your regular group and getting to know the hearts of people. I think I look forward to that the most besides hearing from the Lord (which I am needing right now as well).

Lastly... I'm going to start praying for some pretty cool changes in my life as far as plans. I'm really interested to see what the Lord does. :)

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