Monday, October 13, 2008

ugh, monday.

this. has. been. a. bad. day.

I got one of our (old) cars from home this weekend to replace the one I wrecked. It made the two hour drive okay, but this morning when I went to drive it to class it had no power. None whatsoever. Apparently, shutting the door normally isn't enough. You have to slam it and make sure it's shut, or the light stays on and will drain the battery.

This is something I didn't notice.

So the better part of my day was spent in tears over not only that but the stresses of things I have to deal with because of my accident. My dad is good with figuring these things out, but he's two hours away so I guess it's all on me. Time to grow up. The car is back to it's normal state (which is on the verge of breakdown) but what made this day the hardest was knowing that through every little thing I had to deal with, it's all my fault. Every bit of it. I crashed my first car because I was stupid. And I can't complain about this one because at least I have one-- but still, it makes me hate myself a little because I created these problems and I just made my own life worse. And I created more work for my dad as well.

Needless to say, I'm not a fan of this week already. How ironic is it that the week right after the accident was great and this one is where life kicks in?

And to think that last week I felt like my faith was so strong.


Melissa Joy said...

It's just Satan getting upset and jealous that you were so strong last week. Don't let him get you down. Stay strong. The more you rely on God the more Satan pushes which makes you even stronger in God. Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

oh sweet friend... I would have been so stressed too. I hate stuff like that! I am thinking of you.

Thanks for posting the verse and take care of yourself