Thursday, October 9, 2008


Everyone who knows me well knows that I despise change in my life. However, my life has been changing a lot since this summer. I moved into a house off campus, took three summer classes at once (not recommended), started working and going to school at the same time, and found myself very busy. But the cool thing is that as my life has changed, I don't hate it. In fact, I think I almost welcome change now (Alicia is shocked by this, I'm sure haha). God creates change in us and around us for a reason, and I'm discovering that it's not such a bad thing. Here are some things that have changed for me and I'm excited to see what happens with all of it:

1. My car accident. It's put me out of my element and while it was scary, God is moving through it.
2. My job. I just quit my job at Barnes & Noble so after two weeks I will be starting work at Pier1!
3. Graduating. Um, finally. In about two months and no idea where I'm headed.
4. Cru/worship. I was never comfortable with the idea of leading worship alone, but I'm definitely good to go now... only because of God.

I'm glad this change is instilled in me because honestly, I was getting really tired of not being happy with my life moving in different directions than I was used to. I like my comfort zone-- who doesn't? But this is a cool experience and it calls me to rely on the Lord more than ever.

Quick note: Last night was our first combined Cru/Wesley Foundation meeting-- worship went really well and the message was awesome as well. Tonight is round two so be praying for that! It's so cool to break down walls and combine with our brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of what group we're part of.

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did you ever find that verse? I am curious where it is...