Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween.

oh, the holiday of scaring people. well, here are some things that scare me:

1. coldplay being at the verizon center tonight and i'm not there (i guess that was a once in a lifetime experience anyway)
2. expensive orders placed online that get lost in the mail
3. graduating in seven weeks
4. left-hand turns while driving
5. FIRE.
6. trying to heal while hurting so badly that you really can't heal at all
7. being alone.
8. my car breaking down
9. the amount of bad things in this world
10. and the obvious, scary movies. i can't handle that at all.

wow, only the first one is slightly lighthearted. it's just one of those days.

now go carve a "pumpakin" or something.

"Hey, the Cheat. Ask your friend why come he didn't carve his pumpakin." haha. always makes me smile.

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Stacie with an IE said...

we should have a heart to heart. i'm just throwing it out there.