Friday, September 19, 2008

on my brain...

Want to know what's on my heart this morning? How much I regret losing potential friendships when people suddenly leave. Have you ever had a chance to get to know someone really awesome but you got busy and didn't have time and things distracted you and you lost sight of it altogether? And then they leave because that's where life is taking them? It leaves you with a really bad feeling. Like if you had only picked up the phone or typed an email or made more of an effort it could have gone somewhere awesome. God could have been a great influence. But I guess where we fail, He comes in. He'll be there for people when we can't be. I think that's why I love prayer so much-- even if I let someone slip away, I can still pray for them. I believe that has more power than actual presence or words sometimes.

In other news, I've become increasingly aware this week of how blessed I am to have the family that I have. I was flipping channels on TV and came across that show "Wife Swap", which I think is an awful idea but whatever. The one family had strict orders and the kids weren't allowed to have any freedom and blah blah blah. The other family was totally free but their kids were a freaking mess. I watched the daughters cuss out the parents and not come home and be friends with 21 year old boys when they're only 15 and 17 and I was like, "My parents suck sometimes, but I am so grateful I never had this." I remember going through those tough teenage stages where I wanted to cuss out my parents too, but they held up their end of the parenting deal and actually parented me. I've become amazed at how it seems that parents just give up rules and want their kids to like them more than discipline them. What a world we live in. My heart bleeds for teens who don't get a fair shot at knowing their self-worth and feeling good about themselves because their parents make them who they are.

Anyway. This weekend should be awesome because Em & Apple are here! And tomorrow is my best friend Alicia's 22nd birthday! I love my friends and I'm excited for the fun. Have a great day!

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