Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today truly feels like the first day of fall. Usually the mornings are cooler but by afternoon it gets burning hot-- not so with a day like today. I am so cold! I wish I had a cardigan or hoodie. The bright side is that this is exactly the type of weather I've been wishing for, I'm just not prepared for it (it figures). Anyway. Today I'm sitting in Cool Beans, which is actually playing really good music: Dave Matthews, Mae, Regina Spektor, Coldplay, and the Weepies (AWESOME!!). Nice. That always puts me in a good mood. So far today I've accomplished going to class, actually packing a lunch so I can quit spending money, emailing homework questions, reading my novel for class, and... bidding on eBay. Yeah. That last one I'm pretty excited about, I paid $11 for Urban Outfitters aviator sunglasses. UO is usually deathly expensive, so this is definitely worthwhile as long as they end up looking good on my face :)

Last night before I went to bed I was reading about Saul/Paul and his conversi0n to Christianity. My thoughts on this are that if God can forgive him for everything he did in the past, he's totally more than willing to forgive those of us who have screwed up. The guy had Christians murdered and put in jail. He stood right next to Stephen (see my previous post) while he gave permission for him to be stoned to death. I always wonder how those things affected him after he converted. Like, did he stop and think about it and feel absolutely horrible? I know later when he explains his conversion to others he talks about it a little. But Paul is a major reminder to me that whatever sin I fall into, it's forgivable and I shouldn't doubt God's ability to forgive me, even when I feel like I'm not worth it.


Jess said...

Oh wow, Cool Beans. I miss that place, especially going there with many of my favorite people after Cru. Those were the days...

stargirl (*)(X) said...

love fall.
fooo shiz.

:) :)