Friday, September 5, 2008

8 a.m... without an 8 a.m.

In order to get a close parking spot on campus, I've been pretending I have an 8 a.m. class when really, my classes start at 9. It's kind of nice, though. I feel lucky that I'm both a morning and a night person. The campus is really nice during this end of summer weather-- a little fog in the morning, cool air before the heat sets in. Coffee and a book (and prayer in the morning silence) is a good start to the day. I think I'm a fan of this, I'll gladly sacrifice sleep.

Last night was our first Cru of the semester. I went to band practice and realized that I was going to miss it a heck of a lot; it was supposed to be my last one. But some things worked out and I might be there a little longer than I thought. Probably not the whole semester because my focus needs to be on graduating with decent grades, but I'm glad not to quit just yet. Anyway, we've never had a first night like that one. We filled the entire room and we were sitting on the floor, which was amazing. And God did something crazy with the whole night that, as Jonathan will tell you, "straight up moved people." True statement. I think a lot of people made a decision about Christ being significant in their lives after last night and that is awesome.

This weekend brings old friends back to me and no work on Saturday or Sunday, which is a huge blessing because I need the rest and relaxation and time for some homework. I am very much looking forward to seeing people I've missed and catching up with them. I hope you have a great weekend, check back for an update soon.


Melissa Joy said...

Not gonna lie...I got tears in my eyes when I read your paragraph about CRU...not becuase I miss it but because ppl were sitting on the floor and that it moved ppl!!! I'm so excited about what God is planning for SU this year...there are going to be some major changes on that campus!!!

c.dub said...

come hang out in my apartment fool. i get up early now. crazy. i know right. haha

stargirl (*)(X) said...

your life sounds beautiful.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes to classes an hour early for parking. :):)