Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekend adventures!

I went home this weekend for the first time since I moved back to Salisbury, and it was good. My close friend Cait was conveniently home from Nashville at the same time, so I stopped at her house on my way home. We walked around Eastport for a while like we always do and just talked-- it was so good to see her. Then I drove home and hung out with my family for a little, although they were all over the place what with my sister having volleyball tryouts and my brother being MIA. Saturday, of course, was the reason for the homecoming. Meghan and I went to an amazing show: Sara Bareilles, Maroon 5, and Counting Crows at Nissan. And of course, we were right up front because why go to a show if you don't get to be up close and personal? Let me just start by saying that Sara is incredible. I've been listening to her stuff for a while but her live music is so good. And we all know Maroon 5 can put on a show. What I never realized before is how crazy of a voice Adam has. He can go so high and still sound like a man-- it's really just God-given talent. I really enjoyed their stuff. Counting Crows is great because let's face it, it's a band full of old guys who have been playing their stuff for like ten + years. But somehow 40-year-old Adam Duritz can still rock the dreads and put on a show. Not to mention his bandmates, who rock mandolins and accordions which makes me jealous. A fun side note: as Sara opened the show, Adam was basically right next to us in the next row over. His family's from Frederick, MD, so his sister and little nieces/nephews/friends all come to the show and their seats were next to us across the aisle, and Adam was hanging out with them for a little. Meghan and I were really excited about that.

So yeah, I had a good weekend. Life has felt better to me lately. I hope yours is going well also.

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