Monday, August 18, 2008


I spent today with my best friend/roommate alicia lee. It might seem like we get to spend all our time together since we live in the same house, but both of us working makes it hard. So today I had a job interview at Pier 1 and after that, alicia and i hit the mall for some shopping. Being broke the way I am, I didn't get anything (which I'm proud of). After the mall we hit up Target, where we found the winter flats!! (Ask us about them.) Then we went to the Salisbury zoo to see the cute animals and take pictures. When we came home we decided to watch Enchanted since we have Starz and we like to take advantage of that fact. (Laura & Scotty, I thought about you two the whole movie. haha)

Alicia is playing the Enchanted soundtrack as I type.

Tomorrow is back to work for three days in a row, then a day off on Friday but working Saturday. I like work, it keeps me busy. But there are parts of my job I love and parts I hate. That gets old sometimes. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

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