Sunday, August 24, 2008

two weeks, really?

Tonight was pretty cool. I led worship at Cell (our bible study) since Ryan and Amanda are out of town. It was good, I like the people there a lot and we talk about some relevant things-- such as letting go of the past. Hello, Sarah. Listen and learn.

After Cell I came home and LP & I watched The Jane Austen Book Club on Starz. It turned out to be a really funny movie! I like Austen a lot but beyond the discussion of the novels, there were some cool themes in the movie as the character's lives unfolded. I knitted and drank some hot chocolate chai.

This week should be interesting. Besides it being the last week before school begins, things are happening. The roommates and I are planning to have an Olive Garden lunch date this week, which is exciting. I've always wanted to go for lunch because it's so cheap and still delicious. Plus Alicia can get us a discount since she works at the Lobster! I'm finally upgrading my phone on Thursday-- I've been waiting for this for months. Goodbye, tape holding my phone together. I'm pretty excited about it. And hopefully I'm going to find out about my job interview at Pier 1. I'm praying that I got it so I can put most of my hours there and only a day or two a week at B&N. That would be ideal, but we'll see. Other than that, I'm working Tuesday-Saturday which means money but being very worn out. Then school starts and my life will be super crazy, but hopefully super awesome as well. I've never had a more interesting adventure trying to figure out life. And I'm convinced it'll never be figured out completely.

So much to learn.

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