Saturday, August 23, 2008

late late night.

It's 2:18 a.m. but I've had coffee so I can't sleep just yet. LP and I went to Emily's birthday celebration in good old PG where I found some of my best lovely friends. We laughed and ate ice cream cake and Larissa dropped her brand new phone in the toilet... adventures. haha And we watched the Olympics while debating how long it takes to get to the outlets from the bay bridge (about 25 minutes, in case you care). We left around midnight (hence the coffee) and now we are home safe and sound and I'm glad because I was driving and now I am slightly tired and I don't want to go to work tomorrow (mostly because I have to work with my boss).

Here's some exciting news for you: Matt Wertz is one of my fave musicians and he is currently playing with Gavin DeGraw-- probably the weirdest combination I've ever heard of, but whatev. Anyway, I was on Matt's myspace today and I saw a thing about volunteers that were needed to run merch tables at their upcoming shows. One of them is this venue called Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach that I drove by this summer when I was vacationing with the family I nanny for. In my head I was like, well I'm sure by now they have enough people because the show is only a couple weeks from now. But what the hell, I emailed the head guy. He emails me back and tells me that they definitely still need people and so, LP and I are going to Bottle & Cork to work Matt Wertz's merch table, see an amazing show for free, get some free stuff, and probably meet Matt. This is going to be the most awesome night EVER!! I'm stoked.

And now I'm heading to bed. Sleep well, everyone. :)

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