Tuesday, August 26, 2008

oh my crazy work life...

Tonight at work was INSANE. I went an hour earlier than I was supposed to because we were short-staffed. The guy I was supposed to work with called out, and the day before one of my other co-workers left in the middle of her shift because she was "sick" (yeah right) and left a ton of work to be done. So basically tonight I had to close by myself which is impossible since there are so many things to get done. I had my co-worker Nicole with me but she isn't trained for cafe, just for other areas of the store. I directed her on what to do and she did it while I was running around doing everything else. The bright side? I got us out of there on time, which is a miracle. I think my manager will admit he loves me for that. I'm a little amazed by it myself. This proves that I'm good at my job (haha). But it was so crazy.

Anyway. Earlier today was really good. LP, Alicia & I had lunch at Olive Garden (we ate so much food). It was awesome and cheap since we got the discount hookup! I was excited about that. And I found out I got the job at Pier 1, details are coming to me on Thursday! So I'm really stoked for a new job opportunity and more money and all those good things. On the other hand, school starts so soon and that makes me nervous because I know I'm going to want to hang out with people and do all the fun college-y things but I just can't. I have responsibilities and a new life now. It's hard letting go... it's even harder when you know that you can't come back to it.

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