Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The past couple of days have been pretty good. I watched the meteor shower last night in the middle of nowhere with some friends and it was amazing. I'd never seen anything like that before (despite my dad insisting my whole life that I should whenever things of that nature happen). We saw so many meteors. It was a really good night (and cold). I got home around 4 a.m.-- only to wake up six hours later and go to the beach. It was a nice beach day-- started out pretty breezy, then got hotter but the cold water fixed that . We had to leave at 3 so I could go to work at 4:30-- and I almost didn't make it. I mean, I only took half a shower (meaning I didn't get to wash my hair).

I had several moments at work tonight where I truly believed I was going to quit. I don't consider myself to be a quitter-- my job is just something I'm so not used to. I've always been a "behind the desk" kind of girl. And we just got a brand new computer system, which I was excited about learning how to use because I was convinced it would be easier than the old one-- when in fact it is more complicated. I was taught how to use it in about five minutes-- and trust me, that is not enough time. Plus my boss is very specific about what needs to get done and how to do it, and he's right about everything, but it's intimidating. And my fave co-worker Trish, who I absolutely love, is leaving to go to school at Towson so she's only around for another week. She really is the greatest part about going to work, we get along so well. I'm nervous about being without her when she goes. But I'm going to try to hang in there and hopefully not screw up a lot.

Tonight I came home to find my lovely roommates & Jon watching the Olympics. Oh, the Olympics. Such an emotional time. On one hand, Michael Phelps was crazy awesome and got his 11th gold medal and a new record time-- with water in his goggles, no less. We'll see if that cancels out the legendary DUI of the past. But our poor, poor gymnasts. The ladies couldn't hold it together and China pretty much killed them on floor routine. The out of bounds line was not our friend. I'm sad I've missed so much of the Olympics because of work-- all the good stuff happens while I'm gone! Anyway, one more day of work and then I'll be relaxing until next week. That makes me happy.

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DiverDork said...

If it makes you feel any better, the first Olympic event I got to watch was last night. lol