Monday, August 11, 2008

2:20 am.

I had to work tonight and surprisingly enough, after a couple of weeks at this job I am not the new girl anymore. I was teaching someone else what to do (and not do) tonight-- crazy, huh? I was also learning new things (and screwing up new things) but it's all good. I will never stop hating money. Having a job makes me more convinced of that than ever.

Alicia Lee & I spent some nice quality time together tonight, watching Coyote Ugly and laughing (and screaming... wink wink). And I have tomorrow off which will be a nice break since I've been working the whole weekend.

One of my co-workers asked me tonight about my tattoo (this seriously happens every time I work) and after I explained it to her she told me she was asking because she didn't know if I had gotten it symbolically for a specific person or something like that. Of course the surface answer is no, but technically I have it as a representation of Jesus, who is very much a person in my life. That gets me thinking-- there are tons of people who mark their bodies with things because they want to pay tribute to people or remember someone or declare their love for a person. But how many of those tattoos are going to last and not be just one more regret? That's why I feel so sure about getting mine-- the guy behind the ink is never going to fade.

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