Wednesday, August 20, 2008

autumn, please.

Lately I've been experiencing this overwhelming desire to shop for sweaters and wear boots instead of flip flops. I think I'm ready for fall. Not winter-- I hate winter-- just September-November weather. I like leaves and hot coffee drinks and scarves. Speaking of scarves, I decided I need to get a head start on the autumn warmth preparation so I am knitting a new one. :)

In other news... work has been a little more difficult, especially since I might be getting out of it soon depending on a certain job offer. So when I'm there all I can think about is how eager I am to put in my two week's notice and move on to something I'll enjoy more. It's not such a good thing. Plus tonight was my last night working with the only co-worker I absolutely love, so that was sad. After she leaves I really will not want to go to work at all. I'm getting depressed just thinking about it. But I am grateful to have this job, even if I seem the opposite. I just know that if I can take advantage of something better, I'm grateful for that even more.

I realized I haven't blogged about anything having to do with faith lately-- but I finally finished reading the entire Old Testament which I am proud of and I am so glad I did it because it has opened my eyes a lot over these past summer months. If you ever feel like doing it, you should. It was cool to find out exactly how our Christian lives have been established and how we got here. Anyway, I figured I might as well keep going and though I've read the New Testament a lot, I wanted to continue reading from the beginning. I found this cool verse in Matthew: "What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs." - 10:27. That's Jesus talking and I think it's awesome because I think there are a lot of "God moments" we have that we tend to just keep to ourselves. I think about how encouraged I would be personally if those moments were shared out in the open-- not only to the benefit of believers, but for non-believers as well. So if you hear from God, speak in the day and proclaim it from the roofs. It'll make a difference in someone (or most likely more than that).

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