Sunday, August 31, 2008

many fun things!

Today was a lovely adventure. I had a day off work (praise God!) and my roommate showed up last night at 2 a.m. to move in, so we went to Cove today with some fun people. Then we got sushi and that was awesome because it has been far too long since my body has known raw fish. :) Riss and I went to bible study (slightly late) and I led worship there, which has been cool.

Alicia, Riss & I are turning into triplets because all of our throats hurt. Alicia is bad, but Riss & I are just scratchy. Here's hoping we don't welcome in the new school year with sickness. I despise being sick, but I guess those things can't be helped once they hit you. Anyway. We rearranged our room so both of us can live comfortably and I like it a lot. I love changing things up and I'm so happy to share with my Rissface again! She's the best roommate ever. Love you Rissa!

Here's to many autumn adventures & good times to be had this semester.

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