Saturday, August 30, 2008

no shame.

You know that verse in Philippians, "Do everything without complaining or arguing?" Yeah. That verse definitely pops in my head like twenty times a day when I'm at work. I guess it's good that I remember it-- but at the same time, it's a struggle to keep it positive & lovely all the time. Especially when I'm working with people who can't keep up. My manager told me some very positive things about my future at B&N tonight, so I'm excited about that. I have a good job, I really do. And I love most of the staff there. The only thing that's getting me is giving up my precious nights with my friends. Tomorrow I go into work at 3:30 and I probably won't leave until 1 a.m. because it's inventory night. And people have been texting me to hang out, but it just can't happen. I'm saddened by that; I love my friends so much.

Anyway... there was this guy tonight that came and got a drink and he was talking to me about my tattoo (probably the thing I discuss most with people while I'm working-- I like it) and he was like, "so I assume you believe in Christianity" and I said yes, then he said, "That's great. And your tattoo is awesome because it shows you're not ashamed of it. I wish there were more people like that." I agreed with him and then he went on his way. But I stopped to think about that. I never considered my ink to be a symbol of boldness, but I guess it is in a way. There really is no possibility for shame in something you permanently have on you for the world to see. You can't hide it and people are going to ask you about it. My job has shown me that people are curious and you know what? I've never reached out to people in the name of the Lord more than I have now. All because of my tattoo. It's like extremely modern witnessing or something (haha). And I'm sure the majority of people who ask me about it aren't Christians, because the ones who are usually admit it straight up or say something that implies what they believe. I only wish I had more time with people to talk about it.

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Steven. Mr Lamkin. Lammy. said...

Tattoos...the new "tracts" of the 21st century! Haha, thats sweet Fisch. And I miss hanging out with you too. Let me know when you have an evening off and we should get people together!