Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekend update!!

Hey everyone! I've had such a crazy weekend.. Between best friend's birthday and two nights in a row out with friends, I'm tired but happy. And reminded of how glad I am that the people I love are still in my life.

Last night my best friend's fiancé and I surprised her with a dinner and night out with all of our friends! It was so much fun and she was surprised, so that was successful :) we had yummy food at a restaurant with a mechanical bull (see pic below), then went out dancing at one of our favorite bars. Late nights are awesome.

Side note: the sweet potato pic is from lunch today and it was SO good. Target steam meals, people. Delicious and easy. Go get yourself one.

Today I'm relaxing on the couch with Project Runway and pumpkin coffee before heading to church to play with my band. Grateful for these chill mornings! Hope yours has been too!


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