Monday, July 2, 2012

i'm back!

hey friends! i've been gone for a little while, huh? you can blame that on moving all my stuff out of one house into another, housesitting, working, keeping up with my social life, and unpacking everything i own. i'm glad to say i'm officially moved in!

there's a new post on my music site, the real musicality. five bands i've been listening to as of late... you probably know a few of them, but check it out nonetheless!

and now for a photo update! this is my life recently...

 reunited after a return from england!
 best friend's engagement party!
 i moved! brand new clean room :)
 this is an awful example of my singing face...
 ... but i was so happy to sing in ash's wedding!
 annapolis docks.
 backyard of my old house. this is why we called it narnia.
 COFFEE CUPCAKES. need i say more?!
 first USA soccer game of the summer!
 open mic night at the whiskey
 releasing lanterns at lacie & aaron's wedding!
 super cute.
 my housesitting buddy! love riley.
 one of my oldest friends.. one last lunch before new mexico claims her
 baltimore rainbow
he lives in the backyard where i was housesitting. he's huge.

there you have it... a pretty accurate photo update. coming soon: my birthday (in a week! but celebrating tomorrow!), Bubble Wrap Olympics, summer festivities, and whatever else i get myself into :)


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